STROMBO FOAM PADS- Small multicolor foam seating


Strombo foam pad from recycled foam multicolore mix

It’s light and durable, many colors and forms combinations possible, with custom measure to be feating your own chair.  It integrates easyly with many envirronments by giving a strong color patch to your old timer chair. The foam density is comparable to a sick flip flop sandal, as you would seat confortable and firm as well.  Strombo Foam Pad is resistant to water and sun, and can be used for outdoor furnitures. The recycled Foam is available with variations of colors that depends on arrivals of materials. When you palce order, you will be given the choice within the colors mixes available.

This small format of indivudual pad, can be any simple shape of your demand (circle, square, trapeze, star…) within a square of 33cm of side. It comes in a larger format of 44cm square side.  We can also realize larger format and custom designs for larger surfaces.

Design: Clemence Seilles

Photography: Elena Parisi


Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 2.5 cm
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