Déesse verte

Clemence Seilles, founder of Stromboli, created the set design for the group show “La Déesse Verte” (The Green Goddess), curated by Dorothée Dupuis and organized in the framework of the Triennial Lille 3000 (Lille, Fr). In harmony with the works of 22 artists from the Americas and Europe, her scenography plays between the forms of art and the forms of nature. Indeed, the set is a creation “without walls” where two main elements dynamize the space. On a side, we can discover Moucharabieh, a piece inspired by the work of architect Luis Barragán with a façade that imitates the style of a luxury Mexican house and creates an entrance to a sculptural garden (pieces of artist Gwladys Alonzo) as well as an entry to Casa Barragán with partial reproductions of its interior. Few steps later, the magical and mysterious Jungle appears, cadenced by its texture and colors, it creates a wild passage to another part of the exhibition.

Maxime Dufour Photographies

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