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Adjustable system for storage part of transformable collection ‘Stromboli Krid’ specially developped for those who need ‘almost exactly this’.

Made in italy with excellent craft workshop, we propose a full set of furniture from a pool of materials and finishing: metal, solid wood, aluminium and recycled plastic.
This version of frame is associated with glass and aluminium taps. We also have a version in a hard oak wood by maestro Giacomo in plazzio Visconti.

Stromboli studio has created an original concept of production in north italy. Selected ressources from industries are merged with craft capacities, so that adaptation, transformation, and creation can easily cohabitate, out of the standard and locally. Stromboli wants to outlight those qualities of short loop production in a context of ecological transition and new consumption, our ways to create, produce, transport and trash has to be rethought. That’s why at Stromboli, we only want to produce just the right thing for you, and no more.

Design By Clemence Seilles

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