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Is part of infinite Living furniture collection, 100% recycled and recyclable, for indoor and outdoor use. Characterized by multicolour and confetti-like recycled foam blocks and Aluminium structure produced locally in Milan region. In the design phase, a strong emphasis has been put on the possibility to customize the furniture by choosing your colour mixes from the large quantity of available materials.

Stromboli Design wants to encourage the end-user to consider their piece of furniture as part of a life cycle and not just as a
disposable product. Once they are used, the consumer should be able to bring these fully recyclable foam blocks into a local
workshop with the possibility to order new ones (made from the same recycled material eventually). This would guarantee the longevity of the product while ensuring that the discarded parts are reintegrated into a new production cycle, thus never tur-
ning into waste.

Ideal for everywhere, aluminium structure, innovative recycled block foam, water repelant, washable and sta-
ble in outdoor conditions. Ressources from industries merge with craft capacities. Short loop production.
Design by Clemence Seilles

Pictures: Marie Taillerfer
Produced in Milan by Stromboli Design, Aluminium comes in “natural”, blue and black.
L: 87cm – H: 61cm – D: 71cm – Seating Height:

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