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SMALL VOLCAN  ceramic vase is part of collection “Ceramics of America” inspired from ancient  mexican Maya and Olmec treasures: sacred or profane artefacts extracted from majestic ruins. Designer Clémence Seilles, resident in Mexico, interpreted their silhouettes and graphics to introduce the ancient memory into our daily lives.

SMALL  VOLCAN vase is a high temperature red clay. Each vase has been shaped and carved by hand  by Ceramic master Valerie Calvat. The iconic perforated handles come from ceramonial recipients of the Mayas. The pattern decors are inspired from details in Olmec friezes are engraved by hand by artist Clémence Seilles.

We ship worldwide accurately and quickly, from Italy. All ceramics are packed in secured wooden boxes. We are here to assist you in case of special request.
Author : Clemence Seilles

Photographiy by Elena Parisi

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 13 cm
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