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Banco chair draws an archetype line on armchair. Inspired by industrial testing process, it’s comes out as a light and yet confortable chair, ideal for everywhere. Indoor and outdoor, the confort recycled foam and metal structure areresistant and durable.

When in Mexico, designer Clemence Seilles collaborated with metal furniture producer. They developped furniture for universities, hospitals and public halls  in Mexico and in USA. Every type of seating had its own metal caliber assignated. The simple yet chunky designs were directed by economics and durability. Clemence experimented to switch the process, by designing from the thinest metal caliber that exists (20x20x0.9), toward the strongest and economical chair. The geometrical assembly of the banco chair answers this challenge.

Now produced in north Italy, innovation carries on the seating part with recycled foam pads. This latest version has gained in confort and looses up to 1.5 kgs.

Materials: Light metal structure, innovative recycled confort pads, water repelant, washable and
stable in outdoor conditions. Ressources from industries merge with craft capacities. Short
loop production.
Design by Clemence Seilles

Produced in Milan by Stromboli Design
L: 55cm – H: 71cm – D: 50cm – Seating Height:


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