Stromboli created the set and maintenance system for the anniversary exhibition “Moucharabieh” of Triangle France art center in Marseille. A long worm pool takes the form of an infinite loop and stations in the middle of the show, working as a main circulation marker in the scenography. Swimming is open to public, permitting to apreciate the exhibition from this perspective as much as becoming an actor of the set.

A large office platform recovered of soft carpet facing the pool and the open panorama on Marseille, functions for the museum staff office, for lectures and for screenings. The office space also recalls a working backstage or general control of the exhibition, with all features of light, sound, screening control and maintenance devices such as changing rooms, fridge and cleaning. Contributions on set by artists Deborah Bowman, Laure Jaffuel and Theo Demans.

Curated by Sandra Patron, Dorothée Dupuis and Celine Kopp.

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