Playground Monomateria

Playground for kids in art center Le Magasin in Grenoble, 100% recycled and recyclable. An experimental mono material space to experience volume, mass, weight and materia through an open puzzle game where every foam can be divided, assembled and mounted in an square regular platerform or a chaotic organisation through collective gaming as volume mass mostly need to be 2 kids to move. Stromboli Design lead by Clemence Seilles invited artists and designers Alexis Bondoux, Natacha Mankowsky and Laure Jaffuel to collaborate.

When director Celine Kopp became the new director for the re-opening of the art center, she decided to collaborate again with Clemence Seilles from Stromboli Design. Keeping alive a long serie of collaborations, dialogue set back between the two professionals to imagine spaces for hospitality and services at Le Magasin art center, langing for re-opening since 2019.

Celine and Clemence decided to create an endemic project by optimising present materials, creating comissions to local craft and a production residency at Le Magasin to undertake this collective mission.

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