Strombo Kitchen

STROMBO kitchenCrafted by keyboards and hands“craft hands shakes industry”It has been great from beginning to end to have worked with Claudia at her home. Thank you for your trust ❤️. Will be back soon. 🌟🌟🌟🌟Thank you for beautiful pictures @9marysmith9 This interior brings together the precision and strength of computer assisted design with the uniqueness …

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BHC Café

BHC cafe is a place for meeting during the day and partying at night, a place where artists in residency merge with visitors. On the way to the restaurant, the exhibition rooms, the theater, the foyer and the cafe that welcomes you. Designer Clemence Seilles has realized the complete furniture and arrangement of the cafe, …

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SALON is the result of a collaboration between Stromboli and ALMANAQUE gallery to celebrate the culture of design and contemporary photography. On that occasion, Clemence Seilles conceived an installation with panels and curtains that create an immersive atmosphere among pieces of furniture, lighting and photographs. Comissioned by Almanque Gallery, Mexico

THALIE Fondation

Stromboli was commissioned by Fondation Thalie in Brussels to create exclusive furnitures for the residents appartment and welcoming office. Using both natural noble materials and  unique recycled that Stromboli has been created partnering with european industry, the outcome is a set of furniture playing between post-modernism ingfluences and futurist perspectives brought into interior. Photo: Michel …

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Paris studio

It is a small and private living place that was to be designed as the theater of multiple scenes happening in the action of living, in the static elements, and in the presence of materials. The kitchen, the bookshelf, the floor and the bathroom are each a project by themselves, and find their place together …

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Italian garden

ITALIAN GARDEN is a mural painting designed on request for private interior. The illustrated garden reproduces plants and trees present in the park of villa Brambilla, as to create a permanent winter garden in the salon. Naive painter Douanier Rousseau has been the inspiration for the graphical style, bringing a fantasy tropical flair to the …

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Art de vivre

Stromboli presents “Art de vivre” Discover our showroom apartment “Total Look Stromboli” in Mexico City, exclusively settled with our brand catalogue and mixed with artists artworks with whom we collaborate. The free poetry is a component in the creative DNA of Stromboli, we promote an Art de vivre: a way of living in movement, in …

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La mano

La Mano is a special graphic design for translucent curtains. Two different patterns of contrasting color overlay on each other. They alternatively merge together or dissociate depending on the environmental light hitting in the windows of villa Brambilla in Cassano D’Adda, Italia.Commissioned by Eleonore Bianchi   

Universal Living

Universal Living is a set of furniture for general uses, that can get specific thanks to easyly coordinated compartiments: Large table, small desk, low tables, sides tables and organizers. Minimalist wooden structures of chestnut are supporting white and colorfull marbles, also semi-luminious onyx slades, selected in Carrara for their highly graphical qualities.

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