Strombo Kitchen

STROMBO kitchen
Crafted by keyboards and hands
“craft hands shakes industry”
It has been great from beginning to end to have worked with Claudia at her home. Thank you for your trust ❀️. Will be back soon. 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Thank you for beautiful pictures @9marysmith9

This interior brings together the precision and strength of computer assisted design with the uniqueness and unconstant gesture of the artist. Custom panels from @alpi_wood with silicon marks, thick metal archs and boards create spacers for an unusual vertical dynamic in a kitchen. Clear references to “hublots” designs from after-war Jean ProuvΓ©, balances with the fantasy of post-moderne patterns flair. This is 2021, and Stromboli wants to reflect not only on local ressources from the Alpes (material, cultural and mechanical), but also the mix of gestures and ways to assemble langages for unique projects.

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